Meet Omoanatse

I use my words to make you aware of not just whats around you but what is also deep in your soul
— Omoanatse

"The fight to love myself was not easy but worth every scar along the way"



Omoanatse was born into this world during a blackout yet determined to see the light. She overcame the obstacle of a birth defect that prohibited her walking only to conquer it with reformed bones and muscles and perfected the ability to walk and run. At one time she was afraid to speak in front of large crowds however like the fighter she is she toppled that fear and when given the opportunity spoke as a determined leader. Many fail to share their writings with the world for many reasons. I’m just glad she never allowed anything to stop her. It has been such a joy to see her grow and expand her gift as a contribution to the world through her writing. 

 Omoanatse’s experiences in life are and will continue to be her stepping stones to build up her art form and creativity.  Like a Griot, her writings tell a story.  You can feel her words express peace, war, heroes, heroin, victory, defeat, love and hate.  As you read you can image and hear the ancient African drums and melody in the rhythm of her flow of words that appear to emerge from her Nigerian roots.

She composes rich words of enlightenment that takes the reader on an inspirational journey. In addition, the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge in her words transmit a personal message for the reader. She has an individual way of conveying culture values in a pronounced composition of poems.

 As her mother, I give her my continued love and devotion as she flourishes in a distinctive poet. I have planted the seed of encouragement, but God has given the increase. I was given a gift to share a gift and now she gives a gift to you.  

Enjoy the words of my daughter the modern day griot, Omoanatse!