April 10, 2018

It was said to me to me today by my little cousin that a vision is not given to one without provisions already.  So in a moment of doubt, I said the most overwhelming thing. The statement that opens the floodgates of thoughts that bring in mood swings and negative emotions. I said but,"what if...". I got mad at myself as soon as the words left my lips. I immediately wanted to know where that came from. Where did that seep from? Of all the times in my life, I have uttered those words today was the first time I felt them. Like they pinched my soul. That is growth! When you seek to find the source of your words and why they make you feel the way you feel you are growing. Do not let words leave your mouth and not understand their source. When you know their source you better understand their power and their impact. You truly must over-stand the importance of speaking things into existence. So, you say "i'm having a bad day" don't settle for those words find out why exactly you are having a bad day. Address your pain or discomfort. Don't just leave those words out there for the energy around you to misinterpret. So, in your moments of doubt be mindful of the words you utter. If you are on the path you are supposed to be one don't give up. Do not utter any word of doubt in your mind or out loud. Meditate and Refocus. Most importantly remember if you were given a vison for your life the provisions will be made for every thing to fall in place. Today's lesson is watch you mouth.