April 15, 2018

Yesterday it was so beautiful outside. It was warm after all these days of harsh cold and random snow storms. I was walking in the yard and I felt a breeze blow. It felt so good it brought in a strong feeling of happiness. I lost two very important people in my life in April. My grandparents were both born and passed in this month. I started to wonder why this breeze caught my attention. Then I remembered there was a time life had me so distracted I didn't feel breezes or hear leaves or birds because I had gotten so used to alarm clocks and car horns and time clocks. But now I am in tune with nature. I love to feel, see and hear it. The warm weather is here now. We are transitioning from winter to spring. The key word is a transition. My grandparents transitioned in this month, the weather is transitioning this month and I am in the midst of my own transition. Old habits are dying, negative people moving out of my life, new goals and accomplishments moving into my life. When you are in the middle of a change in your life it's a sensitive period. It can be an emotional time. If your trying to change your life right now learn to meditate. Learn to be honest with yourself because a change is upon you and you will need to focus. Today's lesson is be mindful of the transition. Make sure your transition is to a better place. Better emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. 

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