April 18, 2018

Today I woke up feeling so refreshed. I saw the numbers 1111 so much yesterday it was amazing but even better I felt amazing. When your on the right path you have to feed it. Feed it till your desert is your destination. Don’t get me wrong even when your on the right path things happen. The things that happen aren’t always good either but its all about how you respond to them. Your response will dictate how your path in life continues to go. The key is really for us to learn as we go and from the mistakes we make. It is good to be able to sit back and catch myself as I feel when I feel. I know that just flew over someones head but what i'm saying is I have put work into recognizing my feelings. This sounds easy but its not. You ever have a day where you just felt sad or mad but couldn’t always figure out exactly why? Those days are fewer to none for me now and its a good thing. I can now identify what is the source of my feeling. No more going through the day all sad hurt and confused. When you know whats making you feel what you feel you can heal from it if its something negative and as a result grow from it. The problems keep arising when we can’t identify what causes us to feel bad and another day comes and goes with you not healing or learning. A day that is wasted is a day that nothing is learned. Stop wasting days. It truly starts within. Your happiness is attached to your inner self you get to control it. Today's message is get on YOUR path and choose to grow!

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