April 20, 2018

I looked at myself yesterday and I was looking for something else. I was looking to try and see what it was that others may see when they look at me. Then it suddenly occurred to me this morning that this was not possible and should not be a focal point on any day. Instead, I should look to enhance the way I view myself. This may seem so simple and unimportant but the reality is it is not always easy. I struggled with the way I looked at myself. I no longer look at myself as just a physical being but with an inner eye. I look inside to elevate the thoughts I have of myself in an effort to embrace what I see in the reflection in the mirror. What I find happening is the happier I am on the inside the more I love my reflection and the woman I am becoming. How I feel on the inside is starting to match what I see on the outside. WOW! Again this may seem so stupid to some people but to me, this was a breakthrough. I felt like I just connected some major dots. People always saying beauty is on the inside or starts on the inside, but now it rings true with clarity. I am in a happy mental state overall and that's what makes me beautiful. Even when things are not what I want them to be long as I retain the happiness I have found in myself I am able to glow through it. I feel that this inner happiness is an ingredient I want in my fountain of youth. This must be important when it comes to aging gracefully. The grey hairs will come, the breast will sag and the skin will stretch and wrinkle and I am ok with that because it is happening gracefully. These changes in my physical body are all a result of things that have happened in my life that actually made me happy. My grey hairs will show my streak of wisdom which comes with age, my sagging breast show I have not only brought children into this world but that I nourished them and my stretch marks show the transformation my body went through over time. I stand today because all that I once saw as flaws I now see as milestones on my path to inner happiness. Age with grace y'all find the milestones in your beauty and link it to your happiness in order to see the real you and appreciate your reflection. 

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