April 21, 2018

I wanted to feature someone special today in my live diary. Its so important you remember this name. This young beautiful lady Alexia Lewis is doing such big things both on the campus of Hampton University and off it. She is traveling everywhere and boiling over with positive vibes giving speeches of empowerment and blast of motivation. I told her to write about whatever came to her mind. With that said today's challenge isn't just about today its one, we should extend a lifetime. It is to be a light of inspiration to others. Read for yourself below and see why I feel so honored.


Yeah one letter, just O. 

This one letter represents the name of a woman, a phenomenal one at that who has literally been everything to me. A cousin, listening ear, protector, spiritual advisor, teacher, cultivator of my belief in the brilliance of my own “insanity”, and my favorite position of all.. my little mommy. 

I’ve always felt like I grew up with the absence mentally and sometimes physically of my own mother, but O? She’s one of the people who continuously make that void go missing.

Have you ever seen a woman do it all? I have. 

O does it all, with all her effort buy yet…effortlessly.

I thank God for her incredible spiritual inclinations because when I question my own she reminds me to rest in them.

I am not insane. 

O helps me remember that. Because of her, it's clear now that my  “insanity” is yet my brilliance. The flower that is my big dreams and desires for greater she waters, little does she know she planted the seeds in fertile soil for that flower to go. 

My friends at school always call me a tough cookie.  

O taught me that. 

No excuses, no bullshit. Work hard or don’t work at all. Complain? what a waste of time. Do you want it? Ask the Universe, you can have it. Go get it. Failure is only if you accept it and we have no failures in our blood. 

An important thing to know about O: her equation is far from simple, or even simplify- able. She will challenge you, and make you use every facet of your mind to understand its complexities. 

O is only for the multifaceted who can understand the simplicity of it all.  

O is fearless. I’m only 5’3 and she’s much shorter than that. A little package with no Achilles heel, at least not one that you or I will ever figure out. O reminds me of great- gran. You’ll probably read a lot about her here.  Great- gran is all things sweet you need but not no fool. 

You cant fool a woman who knows herself and the world and God all so well. 

I love O. 

She makes me complete. Who’s O? 


O is Omonatse. Speaker of knowledge, author of great works, mother of two, and the creator, and Spiritual Queen. 

Thank you, O.