April 23, 2018

LOVE. The most beautiful beast you will ever have the privilege of wrestling. People let this word fly off their lips with such carelessness. I am to a point I know what it means to love myself. However, that doesn't mean everyone knows how to love me. It has been on my mind, and I could be wrong but what sticks out is that scene in the movie Avatar (the story of a people who are colonized and their land ravaged) where they do not say I love you, but they say I see you. Wow! That to me comes off so much more profound. For me to enjoy myself I had to see myself. For me to utter the words, I love you to someone else means I have to look at them wholeheartedly. So when someone tells me they love me I feel the need to question if they understand what that means by asking, "do you see me". Do you see my flaws, my hangups, my insecurities, my shortcomings and where I lack? DO YOU SEE ME? My mother's love mimics this way of thinking so much. My mother loves me with that type of love. It does not mean she liked or agreed with everything I have done or do, however, the love is still there. She sees me! Now that my thought process has evolved I come to value myself in such a beautiful way. I am currently to the point that if someone loves me, I also need them to see me. Do you want to be seen, not physically but seen for who you indeed are? This is why the love of self is so so important. If you don't love the version of yourself that you see how can anyone else. If you cant put up with your self why should anyone else be willing to try? Today's challenge is to look at your self. Do you like what you see? This is where the saying you are what you attract is so real. You need to like what you see in yourself so that you can attract someone who likes themselves as well. Now that is a happy match. Two people who love themselves and each other. Now that's what I love to see.