April 27, 2018

The "wait". I woke up with the term "wait" on my yesterday mind.  We have all had to wait for something at some point and time. My perspective to waiting has taken on a new meaning. Often times, when I have to wait,my focus, is on what or who I'm waiting for. Today I find myself examining my "wait". I had to wait for something yesterday afternoon and although I was excited I was frustrated with the thought of having to wait. I really had no reason to be. Then it dawned on me that we are living in such impulsive times that waiting is just not favorable. I needed to address this with myself. I am working on being a better woman at a higher vibration this requires, time, focus and most of all patience. The "waiting" period isn't a bad part of any process. I had to change my negative point of view on this. This made me think of the times I caused others to wait. The tables turned when you become the "waiter". As I wait and ponder heavy on this word I could not help but think that I need to embrace the period of waiting. Waiting could no longer be an unfavorable term to me it needs to encompass more action on my part. There is much to explore during this time. I now tell myself while I wait I can read more, write more, think deeper, find more positive affirmations to speak to myself, meditate and focus on positive energies. Why wait in frustration that causes negative vibes to simmer which could only result in a boil if left unchecked. They must say, "good things come to those who wait" for a reason. My challenge to you is to change the way you wait. Let go of any anxiety or frustration that creeps in during the "waiting" period. If you are currently working on improving yourself as a person you have to start by changing your thoughts.  So, while you are waiting to become the higher version of yourself, work during your wait. Work to change your thoughts, vibes and focus. In all cases make yourself worth the wait.