April 1, 2018

This month is so special to me. My grandparents were both born in this month and both passed away in this month. My dreams have been so vivid the last few days. I am being encouraged in so many ways to press on and bring this next book to life in a way I have never shared my work before. I am nervous and I am scared mostly because I know I am about to walk into some uncharted territory. So, I have been hypersensitive. My emotions/moods have been full of so much. I guess this is what growth is about. It's about feeling everything at one time and trying to sort it all out. Which is hard for me cause I tend to be a "let the chips fall where they may" type of person. I know that's not always good but I hate feeling like I have to make something work. That includes dinner, relationships, work, writing and even laundry. I don't even like to separate clothes when I wash. If all that shit can't go in the same machine I don't need it in my life. LOL I know that may sound extreme but life is far to short to have to figure things out like that. I'm just going to keep feeling these vibes that tell me to stay encouraged. Todays number is 8. I have been seeing 8's everywhere. They have been popping up everywhere for me. Todays lesson for myself is don't force it just feel it.