April 6, 2018

Ok today started off amazing. The number of the day is 2222. Which is crazy but it still equals 8.  Which is mind blowing to me. LOL. I am reminded today how important it is for me to love myself. I struggled for years to do that and at times I still do. I am going to challenge my self to rewire my brain. Like I don't want to speak negative to myself at all out loud or when speaking to myself. If i practice loving my self more and loving my self harder I feel like I can help manifest the life I want for myself. I remember the times I loved some people in my life more than I loved my self. I remember giving up some of the most valuable pieces of me to someone who did not even value me. So no more wasting energy. I am watering myself so that I can continue to grow. What is amazing is that there are actually some people in this world that don't like when you put yourself first. This is the craziest shit ever. Like dog you mad cause I love me? Yeah, there just isn't space in my life for that. Todays lesson for myself is "when you love yourself you take care of yourself". 

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