April 8, 2018

Last night I had a dream I had a flat tire. I woke up smiling cause it was funny to me since i actually had a flat tire two weeks ago. However, being the person I am I needed to know what this dream was trying to say. There are many ways to view a flat tire. When I had a tire go flat on the road two weeks ago. I almost got frustrated then told myself to calm down and be thankful that I have a car and roadside. More importantly, if need be I knew how to change the tire myself.  I have been working so hard at reprograming my thoughts. Like literally every time a negative thought creeps in my mind I instantly redirect to a positive one. So as fast as I wanted to equate my flat tire dream to a negative meaning. I automatically started to have a positive thought. The thought was Omoanatse slowdown. Often times I am moving so fast even when I am sitting still if I'm not careful my thoughts will race. Meditation has been my solution to racing thoughts. I am learning that in this life it is important to slow down. When we move to fast we miss important signs and symbols that are placed in our path. These are things we can see or hear when we are in line. Life itself and it's day to day hustle and bustle is often what takes us out of line. Then next thing you know 20 years fly by and we cant figure out who we are or why the hell we are where we are. All that time passes and we don't understand what made us sad or unhappy. Today's lesson is clearly to slow down and pay attention. Look for the signs of guidance. What are they? Well, they are different for everyone. You will know them when they stand out. It can be as simple as a word that won't leave your thoughts, a strong instinctual feeling or maybe even a number that seems to call your attention. If your someone who finds yourself interest in elevating to your higher self-everything I mentioned makes sense. Peace and Blessing and Slow Down!