May 18, 2018

Wow! I know it has been a few days but I was under some serious construction but in a positive personal development type of way. Reflection is everything needed for growth. This past week was full. I do not mean that negatively at all. I just had a lot happening at one time. I had to be in several places that I was struggling to link together. I received a literary award, one of my little sisters graduated; my family lost a loved one, a job function, and a basketball tournament. That was just a short version of a long week lol. I felt drained, but because I am learning myself so much better, I knew it was time to slow down, reflect, meditate, recenter and disconnect from somethings and people for a little while. It is such a big deal to be able to feel when I am being pulled in so many directions and can talk myself back on track and identify where I went wrong. This weekend I had to spend some serious time alone like really alone in the dark. It was tense at first, but then I realized that darkness could birth light. I took a moment to appreciate the time alone and to also learn from it. I was feeling a multitude of emotions. The loss of a loved one, not a loss but a chance to better embrace and understand the transition of energy. My sister's graduation reminded me that milestones are just stepping stones. So when you get through on phase another is fast approaching. Graduating in life occurs on a constant basis even when you are not in school. When you experienced some mental, emotional or spiritual growth you graduate. My job function was interesting and full of energy. I was reminded how important it is to let loose and allow that excited, creative energy to flow. Watching my son play in a basketball tournament was emotional. I saw so many young black men on the court giving it their all. It reminded me that as children we understood hard work and dedication to our passions and dreams. Then somehow as adults, we lost it. At some point, we were faced with a chance to grab what we love by the horns and dive in but something happened, and we lost it. Watching him made me happy that I returned to writing and reading something that makes me happy and is my passion. My challenge to you today is to reflect on your past week. Ask yourself what did you learn and how you can grow from it. Take time to sit in the dark and birth your reflection time, so that you can see, feel and understand your growth and be able to step into the light.