May 2, 2018

This morning after a discussion of greatness with someone I thought to myself I can do something like that too. Then my higher-self instantly said, "stay in your lane." After ending the great conversation, I had on a positive note I had a personal note I had to deal with. I had to deal with myself. I repeated it out loud, "stay in your lane." I was happy to know that reprogramming my thoughts is working. That was obvious because my higher self immediately stepped in with a replacement thought that would keep me on task with what I was doing in my own life. You hear people say stay in your lane and you even read it in a post, but here I was saying it to myself. It's true! I can be happy with what someone else is doing and stay in my lane a the same time. One of the keys to happiness is knowing that you have the key to unlock your happiness. Stay focused and driven to do what YOU feel makes you happy. Now I'm not talking about things that are destructive in any capacity. I am talking about meditating and finding your purpose so you can get in your lane and be less likely to fall in love with the dream of another. Plainly, what is for you is for you. Someone can make millions off of selling shoes, but that may not be your calling, purpose or path. This is why I find digging deep into who you are is so important. You have to find the path that is yours and walk it among all the distractions. Distractions will always pop up but the more in tune you become, the better you are at noticing a distraction and avoiding them. I know writing and reading feel good to me it gives me freedom this world can't and because of that something always tries to distract me from it. I sometimes have a thought or word that is on my mind heavy, and I say dam I need to write this down, and suddenly 50 distractions pop up. LOL, I am much better at that now. The more distractions that pop up, the more I am determined to complete whatever it is I had every intention of doing. I no longer battle to stay in my lane. It has become much easier with practice. It is time to buckle up and find your lane, focus in your lane, master your lane and then stay in your lane. Today I am reminded to STAY IN MY LANE!