May 23, 2018

By now you may be aware that I am very into my dreams. I dream very vividly and deep to the point, I may spend the entire day or few days trying to understand what the message was. Some people have a dream and think nothing of it but for me dreaming is so much more. It's where I get leads, inspiration, warnings, and direction. Last night's dream was about my car being stolen. It was stolen and replaced with another car. One that was older and far less comfortable and on the verge of breaking down. I was so frustrated and found out not only was it stolen but also taken apart. A woman, at what presented as a city chop shop (lol) tells me not to worry and just report it stolen. Now one thing about dreams is the message oftentimes has everything and nothing to do with the dream. lol What I got from this is that I am allowing someone or something to steal my "drive". The lady kindly telling me to call the cops gave me a sense of relief.  Which make so much sense to me in my waking life it has been an adventurous week some highs and some low lows even some discouraging moments. The woman who brought the sense of relief is telling me, "its ok do not worry". To sum it up I lost my motivation but I can get it back. That was the whole moral of the story. If you felt a little lost today or lacked motivation lately I am here to tell you it is ok. Just keep going do not stop. It is ok to feel a little off but you can not stay that way. When you fall off get back up and try all over again. All that matters is you keep going in the direction of your goals. Meditate longer and deeper with a sincere focus and your path will be revealed. Do not stray from who you are and what you are doing. Today I challenge you to return to self.