May 7, 2018

Warning this post may only be found favorable to the Queens. The most profound thing occurred to me last night.  I washed my hair last night. Now if your someone with locs you understand how much it can seem like a chore. I was in the mirror when I looked up and my next thought was you deserve this. I paused and sat down. I took the time to admire myself. Not just physically but mentally. I had decided that taking care of myself had to be done regularly and with care. I do realize that sounds so common, but as a mom, a nurse and now a writer among other things it isn't always that easy to get done, the right way. So going forward baths won't just be bathing they will be sessions of replenishment. Body oils, candles and crystals and flowers all around. I cant rush anymore. I need to exfoliate my mind, body and soul. Ladies, I'm just going to be frank with you when I say the best thing you can do for your self is treat yourself good and talk to yourself good I mean it. Treat yourself how you want to be treated. Yes, I said yourself. How can you expect anyone to love you and treat you right if your not treating yourself good. Please do not believe the hype about your bodies ladies. It is possible to smell and taste good everywhere. Yes, everywhere! That means drinking water and eating more fruits. Get a huge bottle and drink it all day long. Queens walk with your heads high, smell good and look good to yourself. That does not mean go buy lashes and 12-foot long weave. It means start to embrace who you are the way you are. I remember when I was younger and I used to always want to wear a sew in weave. Then, one day my mom refused to pay for it again and I didn't understand why. Then she explained that if I spend so much time in hair and makeup that covered up who I really was I wouldnt get to love myself the way I was. Now, as a teenager I was just plain mad. However, as an adult I am so happy she made that call for me. I am so happy I got to look at my real face. I was so busy buying make up and hair I forgot to learn to to love myself as is. Take an extra moment to appreciate who you are. Start appreciating yourself. When mama is happy everyone is happy. When a woman is happy it changes the whole vibe of a home. Today, I challenge you to be a lady, a woman and a Queen.